Can any1 tell me what MS stands for in MS Software

cherokeegirl, Mar 19, 1:03am
Can any1 tell me what the MS stands for in MS Software - thanks

gilco2, Mar 19, 1:09am
if you are referring to things like MS Word etc then MS stands fro Microsoft

gj, Mar 19, 1:50am
Microsoft never use this abbreviation themselves - it's always Microsoft®

Others sometimes use M$ for obvious reasons.

r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 5:02am
Many years ago they were called Micro Soft (possibly referring to part of Bill Gates anatomy).

shall, Mar 19, 5:41am
what about MS Dos

little_egypt, Mar 19, 5:47am
True. In the early days Microsoft used the abbreviation MS on some products; MS Basic, MS Dos, and they were the MS in "MSX"

Any recent product is properly known as Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft® Outlook®,Microsoft® Bob®, etc. and shouldn't be abbreviated (although everyone does obviously)

-mung-, Mar 19, 5:54am
Microsoft Really Good Home User Single Edition With Extra Pack Upgrade Version Thing.

gj, Mar 19, 6:08am
Microsoft Bob a recent product! released with Windows 95 and discontinued before Windows 98.

little_egypt, Mar 19, 6:10am
Much more recent than MS Dos or MS Basic.

velenski, Mar 19, 8:41pm
mainly s$#t:)

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