Pc to tv.

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 3:52am
Hi.Would like to watch movies from my desktop to HD tv.Im aware i will need a longer cord,As my desktop is over the other side of the room from the tv.But what i would like to know is.Do i only need the one hdmi cord!And do i have to plug in into the back of the pcmonitor!.Or the back of the computer case!Or perhaps both!And what about sound!Thanks in advance.

wayne416, Mar 28, 3:57am
Computer to tv. HDMI carries sound and video so only one cord needed. Distance could be a problem if it is excessive.

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 4:00am
Thankyou.Do you mean back of computer!and not back of pc monitor!

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 4:04am
Awesome,Thanks for your help.

tmenz, Mar 28, 4:39am
Do you have an HDMI connector on the back of your PC!
If not, do you have a digital monitor connector as well as your VGA monitor connector! If so you may be able to use this with a DVI/HDMI adapter!

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 5:11am
Good point.Darn it.There is no hdmi portin my pc case.I have a vga.What's a digital monitor connector!

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 5:26am


spyware, Mar 28, 5:44am
Mentioning the TV may be a start. Your monitor has nothing to do with any cabled solution as cable goes from graphics card in computer to TV.

Simpler solution may be connect your TV to your computer network and use a DLNA server to stream movies to TV.

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 5:48am
id need about 10 metres lol.tv on the other side of the room.Makes it difficult becauce it's not a laptop.

wayne416, Mar 28, 7:00am
Probably way to far for cable solution. Depending on tv may be able to play it if you download to stick and plug into tv.

ammoola, Mar 28, 7:44am
If you only needs the connection to watch movies stored on your PC, why don't you think of getting a media player instead where you can easily save the movies to USB stick or external hard disk and connect that storage to the media player, saves you alot of hassle and, also, you don't need to keep your PC on, just a suggestion

russ18, Mar 28, 7:50am
Get a smart tv.

kevymtnz, Mar 28, 8:07am
just ask around computer shops someone will be able to make you a cable long enough but it may came at a price but really worth it if not only movies but using yr PC on a large screen is not such a bad idea

kiwichick34, Mar 28, 8:36am
Good idea.It's not actually for already d/l movies that i have done.It's to watch from a site.Which has been d/l and streamed.I just want to watch on a bigger screen.Was thinking of using a longer VGAmale to male cable.And then a audio and RCA longer cable.Will need any splitters for this!

budzilla11, Mar 28, 10:19am
Smart tv and intel widi lets you stream wireless to your tv.Best thing ever.

tmenz, Mar 28, 7:55pm
Have a look on this site - they should have the cables that you want - not sure about a VGA splitter!


kiwichick34, Mar 29, 12:08am
Thankyou,Great site.Hope everyone is having a nice easter.

mickey6073, Mar 30, 1:44am
Plug it into the back of the computer and run it as a Dual Screen set up. meaning, open the movie on the main screen then drag it over to the right and it will show up on the other screen, it will come in handy for other things as well

mickey6073, Mar 30, 1:46am
Just plug the VGA cable into the back of your computer then into the back of your TV, I have done the same thing with my computer

golfaholic2, Mar 31, 4:15am
Noel leeming - WD media player .and a hard drive .
D/L whatever , stick in on the HD and watch via the media player .media player can be networked to the PC via your router .makes putting files on the HD super easy .

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