How do make a title page for a DVD

In the process of making a title page for a DVD. First I tried use Paint Shop Pro by writing on a photograph but the print is not big enough. Anyone with any ideas for this! Thanks Alan

geek_kiwialan, Mar 28, 4:09 pm

I like Convert X To DVD for realllly basic titles.

Or Adobe Encore for more advanced stuff.

geek_mazdasix, Mar 28, 4:20 pm

Use a larger font size.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 5:48 pm

I did. still not large enough

geek_kiwialan, Mar 28, 8:45 pm

Use a still larger one.
If you are using a pull-down list it might only go to 72, but in most software you can ignore that and type a value in the box. Try 144 or 288.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 8:49 pm

my nero 8 does everything

geek_kevymtnz, Mar 28, 9:13 pm