3rd party Magsafe power adaptors (MBP)

-mung-, Mar 28, 7:46am
Someone is selling 85w MBP chargers quite a bit cheaper than the genuine Apple product. I want a second charger so I don't have to keep crawling under the table, wrapping (slowly damaging with wear and tear) the cable and lugging it around every time I decide to take my laptop home or back to "work" (study). But buggered if I want to pay $90+ for a second charger.

Does anyone have any insight to the cheaper chargers! Fire hazard, potentially damaging, whatever. I know of teardowns and comparisons between genuine and 3rd party iPhone chargers showed that the 3rd party ones were, well, crap basically.

neofalcon, Mar 29, 6:53am
Hi - yes I have used 3rd party chargers in the past. They do work and do a good job but durability was my main issue.

3 months on average for two 3rd party ones I brought from Trademe.

I have reverted back to the genuine Apple chargers now and I did win one for $55 dollars. I believe the chargers were reconditioned units (and they were reconditioned units from apple) but they do a great job.

-mung-, Mar 29, 7:59am
Thanks :)

I might be keep looking and remain patient. Patience seems to be the best strategy for getting good deals on trademe.

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