Fairly sure this is a scam, just advising others

matthews4, Mar 27, 6:17am
Message came thru today, on Clear, and went to Junk. Address is MSD_Communications@rnmk.com
Later in email, says visit supergold.govt.nz.
Has whole lot of information, with lots of references.Hope noone gets taken in by it.There seem to be so many lately, mostly saying you have won a prize. Haha.

nanof5, Mar 27, 7:14am
Thought it was a genuine e mail as I am on the Super Gold card update e mail list. :)

lilyfield, Mar 27, 7:16am
Got a super gold newsletter today with a link for the new super increase . It led to this website, but did not open on my pc.

r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 7:31am
supergold.govt.nz opens on my PC.

dvince, Mar 27, 7:47am

little_egypt, Mar 28, 2:58am
"government websites have links to it"

Uhhh. the '.govt.nz' part of the website name means it IS a government website. They don't just give those domains to anybody, https://www.dns.govt.nz/moderation-policy.php

dvince, Mar 28, 4:47am
Fair enough. The point is: its NOT a scam website.

matthews4, Mar 28, 5:46am
Well, that sounds OK, but why was address at the top of email as I stated!that was not supergold.govt.nz - only had references to that in body of mail.Which is why I was suspicious.Will take it out of Junk and have a look.

little_egypt, Mar 28, 5:56am
rnmk.com is part of oracle cloud services. A bit like asking why you get a 'chorus' tech at the door when you call Orcon with a fault.

little_egypt, Mar 28, 5:58am
I guess this is one more item we can add to the "did anyone ever ask is this a scam and it wasn't" list.

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