Any proxy that I can use to access

maxi090605, Mar 27, 8:22am
Due to stubborn flatmates that keeps on watching large movies online, the landlord has blocked yuotub.e (I presume netgear using the whole word, even in Google if I use this word Google just hangs and also here in TM, so I had to misspell it) using Netgear router. I've used VTunnel, but somehow it only displays black square screen, no video or play buttons.

Do you have any ideas why!


r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 8:52am
Try via Google Translate.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 27, 9:09am
Ffx Ext, Media hint.

soundsgood, Mar 28, 2:32am
You could try

If the web proxy page doesn't work then try some of the IP proxies (by putting their address in you browser settings page).

jahemian, Mar 28, 2:45am
Wow, I hope YOU'RE not paying for ANY of the internet, otherwise I would refuse to foot a single cent of that bill until he unblocks it!

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