Advice please re Sony amp and idiotic owner.

My Sony STR-DE497 amp/tuner is 'dead'. I was cutting a larger hole in the back of tv/amp/freeview etc cabinet to make access to rear of items easier and the saw damaged the cable. Exposed blue and brown cable wire 1mm - no drama (I thought) as I taped up with insulating tape. But it does not work now. Is there an internal fuse! Thanks as I appreciate any help.

geek_barrie2, Mar 26, 5:15 pm

Yes it does have an internal fuse. If you're really sure you haven't cut through the mains cable then that may have blown. Obviously unplug it from the mains before you open the case. The service manual is here:

geek_drsr, Mar 26, 7:02 pm

Thanks drsr - jigsaw blade only 'scratched' at mains cable exposing bare wires 1mm. The 6 socket adaptor has a pop-out button but nothing happened and other sockets were ok. Will get that info downloaded and hopefully sort it.

geek_barrie2, Mar 26, 9:36 pm

drsr - many thanks - your comment: "If you're really sure you haven't cut through the mains cable" made me double check and there it was, the blue had been cut through. Fixed with correct cable "joiner". All good now.

geek_barrie2, Mar 27, 11:23 am

till somebody reaches behind there and touches your "joiner" and gets killed!

As regulations are now, you are not allowed to even fit a new linecord anymore, so for a legal repair that should be fixed by an electrician or at least someone who has limited electrical registration to repair appliances

I guess it depends what price you put on you or your family members' lives

geek_scarabeo, Mar 28, 2:20 am

That's just not true.

geek_russ18, Mar 28, 9:37 am

Yes, you're explicitly allowed to repair your own appliances.

geek_drsr, Mar 28, 10:55 am

The ECP 50 issue would be
"1.1.5For all new electrical appliances, you will need to follow the
manufacturer??ôs recommendation on whether or not it is
designed to be repaired. Recentlymade electrical appliances
fall into three categories:
(a) non-repairable(do not attempt any repairs on this
(b)no supply cord replacement (do not attempt to repair
the supply cord); or
(c)full repair can be carried out. "

geek_pauldw, Mar 28, 1:09 pm

Yeah, just throw it away and get a new one. It's not like the environment matters or anything .

geek_little_egypt, Mar 28, 1:22 pm

LOL Mmmmm

geek_mrfxit, Mar 28, 1:53 pm