How to access firewall on voadfone router?

im trying to port forward one of my ip cameras over the wireless.But im hvaing trouble finding the firewall on the vodafone router. help!

geek_dyln.sampson, Mar 27, 9:35 pm

When in the main menu of the router go to --> Router--> NAT. Thats where you can add a new rule to forward a port.

geek_matsm_gachr, Mar 27, 9:40 pm

I have done that but still doesnt let me connect to a ip camera from another computer

geek_dyln.sampson, Mar 27, 9:45 pm

Try the admin login maybe, default password for the admin login is apparently "VF-NZhg556"

geek_king1, Mar 27, 10:11 pm

Port forwarding applies to connections from the outside world, from WAN to LAN interface. It has zero affect on internal network connections.

geek_spyware, Mar 27, 10:25 pm

Yes. I want to be able to use my 3G nprs phone

geek_dyln.sampson, Mar 27, 11:05 pm