Laptop to tv using hdmi

bytheriver, Mar 27, 6:41am
New setup and when I play youtube, movie etc there is a slight lag between sound and video. This is just in full screen.

mm12345, Mar 27, 6:45am
Are you using sound over HDMI, or sound from the laptop's sound card!

bytheriver, Mar 27, 6:51am
Thanks mm, I don't know. Straight from laptop with hdmi cord. Sound output is from tv.

bytheriver, Mar 27, 7:12am
Checked again and slight lag in normal size youtube video too. Hp laptop with not the best graphics - ATI mobility radeon HD 3450. Any ideas please.

Processor - AMD Turionx Dual Core Mobile RM-70

king1, Mar 27, 7:32am
try updating the graphics drivers

roncur, Mar 27, 7:41am
download the video with dwhelper they download quicker than when youplay them and you dont have to watch them you can turn off youtube if you wish, then play the video with vlc which you can adjust the sound to match the video

bytheriver, Mar 27, 7:47am
Have looked for an update before with no luck. Not too savy but can you find an update else where than AMD or is it ATI ! My head hurts. May try with the Mr's laptop to see if that's better.

bytheriver, Mar 27, 7:48am
Thanks shall try that.

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