Any TV techs here?

mikechch, Mar 26, 8:28am
Someone who spends their days fixing LCD or Plasma TVs might be able to help me with this dilemma

everyone else, just let your eyes glaze over, please :)

I want to disable the "no-signal" logo on an LG Plasma . when it has no signal I would like to see a black screen, but it seems I can't do this through the usual tv configuration settings

However, when it has no signal it will still be connected to a matrix video switcher, so perhaps I could send a "black-burst" type signal to it at times when there is no image signal, and solve the problem in that way!

Would that be a good solution, and if so, then what sort of sync or black-burst could I send to the set (from the switcher)!It needs to be on the component inputs

wotz_it_2_ya, Mar 26, 8:44am
what software and switch are you using!

mikechch, Mar 26, 9:13am
Kramer switch with component 8x8 and their own software.Will have a variety of sources, but I won't be using all 8 inputs, hence the idea of keeping a "black" signal on any outputs that are not displaying media, from time to time


wotz_it_2_ya, Mar 26, 9:16am
Do you have a spare video port on your pc video card! Extend the desktop, which would be black, and feed that signal into the switch and on to the tv.

mikechch, Mar 26, 9:20am
No, and I want to do it the right way, with a generator of some kind in the a/v rack. There is no PC anyplace near, anyway, as control is by RS232 from another room.

I'm not fazed by buying a generator (plenty on eBay), but I need to know if the whole idea would work, and what sort of generator would get the right result on the component inputs!

Of course, the best solution would be if someone knew a way to turn off the damn "no signal" logo on a new LG Plasma!

mikechch, Mar 26, 9:24am
Would be much cheaper to buy a composite generator, than a component one, but would feeding a composite burst to one of the component inputs have the desired result!

mikechch, Mar 27, 7:07am


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