Arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhh-hhhhh - printer issues .

henneth, Mar 26, 5:21am
Right I am not that computer savvy. just for the record.
I have a Canon Pixma MP540 printer. all ink cartridges are full, when doing a test print it work fine. but when I try to print anything from computer to printer ( ie . email, word document ) the paper comes out blank !. goes through the motion of actually printing but paper has nothing on it. have tried a new cable. no luck.

king1, Mar 26, 5:26am
update the driver from the canon website - half way down on right

henneth, Mar 26, 5:33am
Just tried that. no luck !. any other suggestions !

king1, Mar 26, 5:45am
provide more details eg computer, model, operating system, details of what happened when you downloaded and installed the drivers. Otherwise I'm just guessing at whats happening there

drsr, Mar 26, 5:49am
Try a "Nozzle check" printout from the Maintenance tab in the printer preferences.

henneth, Mar 26, 5:59am
Done the nozzle check. anything printed direct from the printer itself is fine. the problem seems to be from the computer to the printer.

henneth, Mar 26, 6:00am
I have to log out now, but please keep posting with your advice/help. I will try anything. but are getting to the stage where maybe a new printer is easiest. just doing my head in that I just bought two new colour catridges !

drsr, Mar 26, 6:08am
Have you reset the printer by unplugging it from the mains, leaving it for a couple of minutes and plugging it back in again! Otherwise see post #4.

lythande1, Mar 26, 6:03pm
If test print works, the printer is fine. If it doesn't work form the PC - it's a communication problem. Either connection or driver. Did you download the right driver! 32 or 64 bit! Win XP, Vista, 7 or 8!

fhpottery, Mar 26, 6:33pm
Try going to printers and make sure your printer is set as the default. If it's a new one you may have not changed the default.

hakatere1, Mar 26, 7:17pm

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