Samsung tv and sky

eljayv, Mar 26, 3:33am
I have had a small Samsung tv with freeview given to me for the bedroom and used auto tuning to find lots of channels but cannot find sky.The decoder is in the living room and I have a splitter and cable to bedroom.I had no problem with sky on the old CRT tv before.Can anyone help me please!

drsr, Mar 26, 5:59am
What kind of splitter and cable do you have, and what is it plugged into at each end!

gilco2, Mar 26, 6:04am
havent got sky but maybe the output is analogue and you have only checked the digital channels on Samsung. Look for analogue settings and try again

intrade, Mar 26, 6:57am
all tv use teresterial uhf antenna signal for digital tuning and the other tuner is analog , you cant tune off a sky box you have to feed the sky box to the hdmi and audio in, same as running a pc on the tv

eljayv, Mar 26, 7:58am
All sorted now, thanks to all.

spyware, Mar 26, 9:58am
Notice the vulgar quality of your analog modulated RF Sky signal. Puke.

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