Outlook (New Email service?)

I heard rave reviews on the radio a couple of weeks ago about Outlook emails (new!), but didn't quite understand how it works. I'm with xtra at the moment and wouldn't mind changing. Have also got a hotmail address. Can someone please explain in simple terms to a computer dunce, how Outlook works! Thanks.

geek_nanalu, Mar 26, 9:16 am

Hotmail is changing to Outlook.com

geek_mrfxit, Mar 26, 9:22 am

Is that all!OK thanks. :)

geek_nanalu, Mar 26, 9:31 am

I heard the same review (National Radio, Jim Mora!).

I swapped to Outlook.com from gmail.Love it so far, much better interface and easier to use.Not sure about the android app, it's a battery killer but I use the native android app for email.I think your hotmail will eventually get swapped over, but I'm not sure when.

geek_kiwipippa, Mar 26, 6:18 pm

It looks nice, but isn't anywhere near as functional as Gmail.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 26, 6:24 pm