Help on getting a personalised email address :-)

leahgrace, Mar 23, 4:20am
Hi all, we'd like a customised business email address -e.g '' - a Google search = confusion - so have popped in to see if any kind computer whizzes can offer any advice on this and/or safe websites to check out and/or subscribe to. Any help much appreciated! Thanks :0)

r.g.nixon, Mar 23, 4:22am
You should be looking for "how to register a domain name".

rreed, Mar 23, 4:43am
Yes you need to purchase a domain

gj, Mar 23, 8:53am
Try - you can enter your preferred domain name and see if its free, then order online. Only costs $19.95+GST per year.
Once you have that set up you can assign your own email address(es)and redirect them to your existing mailbox. This is usually the cheapest option OR you can buy your own mailbox space.

little_egypt, Mar 23, 10:38am
I'm using . $15.45 a year for most .nz domains. That's about $18 including GST, domains4less are $20 + GST

and so far they've been brilliant; transferred 6 domains from another provider and renewed two by credit card, no hassles at all. Also (despite the .com and Aussie presence) they're a NZ company, based in Napier.

leahgrace, Mar 25, 5:25pm
THANK YOU guys so you can see by my late reponse I hardly get on my computer let alone know stuff like 'domain names' lol! Awesome stuff, I will check out the two websites suggested :-)

cantab1971, Mar 25, 6:54pm
+1 after the domain name a full email service is only $2 a month.

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