Lost emails

phil.s, Mar 24, 11:27pm
I had my computer serviced over the weekend and lost my emails going back to August 2012.
Does anyone know if and how I can retrieve them!

romans8, Mar 24, 11:37pm
Very Generic question. What email program were you using . Outlook!
What did they do to your computer!
If they wiped it , and did not do a back up, you may have lots them, neen more info to help you.

king1, Mar 24, 11:40pm
I would think the best person to answer that is the person that serviced it over the weekend.

gibler, Mar 24, 11:48pm
back to your cowboy tech me thinks.

wayne416, Mar 25, 3:14am
If your email program is not set to delete from server most should be still there.

lythande1, Mar 25, 3:16am
It's not up to the tech to backup personal data, it's the customers responsibility. Seriously who keeps this stuff!! If an email is so important, save the contents as a file and back it up.

king1, Mar 25, 4:29am
Although I expect there is a certain standard of care that can be expected of a tech in terms of protection of data and doing anything that risks it
Really depends on the reason for the service - if he took it in because the hard disk had a meltdown and tech has recovered everything best he can, that's a great result.

If he took it in for a spring clean and to make it run a bit faster. Well i'd be annoyed if it came back with some of my data missing, irrespective of whether I had backups or not.

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