Aftermarket phone charger? Any advice.

tibby1947, Mar 24, 5:51pm
Basic Nokia phone, lost charger so bought a/mkt one. Takes longer to recharge but gets there. Are these potentially dangerous ie cause damage! Thanks for replies.

drsr, Mar 24, 9:07pm
Mains chargers can be unsafe, so only buy chargers that don't need mains plug adapters, and ask for their "Supplier Declaration of Conformity" (SDoC):

quotejoss, Mar 24, 9:18pm
they ddnt say where they got it, if you got it from dse or something it will be fine.

when my motorola charger broke i returned it to motorola and they sent me a generic charger, it takes longer to charge (less amps).

id be more worried if it took less time to charge as that might mean too much power

tibby1947, Mar 24, 11:51pm
Thanks. I bought it off here (latest feedback) - cheap as chips but as my phone is not of much value I did not want to pay a lot for another charger. Will carry on and cross my fingers.

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