Tablet vs lap tops. please help

I know nothing about tablets. I use my laptop for surfing the web, reading, movies and writing my family history book.Can I do that with a tablet!
Do tablets come with windows and all that jazz!
Looking at a samsung.


geek_piggylips, Mar 24, 12:43 pm

with a Samsung you are more likely to get k-pop

geek_gibler, Mar 24, 12:50 pm

THanks for replying, very helpful

geek_piggylips, Mar 24, 12:56 pm

Depends on model, some come with full Windows 8, some come with Windows RT, others come with Android (which is a completely different OS)

I wouldn't recommend getting a tablet that runs Windows, or one made by Samsung - I'd either be choosing an iPad, or a proper laptop depending on your needs

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 24, 1:38 pm

Why an iPad over a android tablet!

geek_piggylips, Mar 24, 2:03 pm

Because you can't go wrong with an iPad, but you need to be very careful buying Android lest you get stuck with something with out of date software, a poor quality display, slow CPU etc.

The only good Android tablet options IMO are the Nexus 7 (Asus) and Nexus 10 (which is actually a Samsung), and even they suffer from a lack of proper tablet apps (in comparison with the iPad)

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 24, 2:05 pm

I got a tablet, but typing and some websites are annoying with one. So I just bought a laptop to replace my ancient laptop. So I guess you need both. Or a good laptop and kindle.

geek_tarawera99, Mar 24, 2:05 pm

Yeah I have a Samsung galaxy. Not recommended as above.

geek_tarawera99, Mar 24, 2:07 pm

just buy a laptop (ultrabook , or notebook or netbook or whatever they came them these days).

Seriously a notebook will do 10 times more than what a tablet will ever do.

geek_ryanm2, Mar 24, 2:08 pm

Thanks! I really apprieciate the replies

geek_piggylips, Mar 24, 2:12 pm

I have a tablet, a cheap Android type, and love it, but not as a replacement for my laptop. Love it when travelling and want to check road conditions, (boots quicker than laptop), get accomodation, play games, read books,. but as a serious swap, no way

geek_supergran, Mar 24, 5:26 pm

contrary to what some commentators say, I think laptops will be around for a few years yet :-) stick with them for now. tablets still novelty value useful for quick simple tasks but with phones approaching their screen size and abilities, i'd rather get a top phone!

geek_cantab1971, Mar 24, 6:50 pm

oh.and you don't need a samsung to get k-pop ;-)

geek_cantab1971, Mar 24, 7:36 pm

What is k-pop!

geek_salniamh, Mar 24, 7:42 pm!v=_6PwZWtYcQs

The best K-Pop band, "Girl's Day", playing at the GSL World Championship of the best game ever, by coincidence ;-) - Starcraft 2

couple of years ago now, but it'll do by way of explanation. It's catchy :)

geek_cantab1971, Mar 24, 7:58 pm

I have just purchased a new Microsoft Surface Tablet (Released last week) and am very impressed with it.
Never have to worry about Anti virus software for this as it is all Microsoft soft ware and Apps

geek_chaff., Mar 24, 8:01 pm

Er. Lack of apps! Aren't the majority of Ipad apps paid! Outdated OS! The only reason people have outdated OS's on both phones and tablets is because they don't know how to upgrade.

Ipad is great if you can afford it. If you can't, you can get the same thing for a fraction of the price. Once again I'll mention that my partner has a "crappy" cheap Chinesse knock off (Z-tab!) which runs absolutely fine! Plays games, plays videos from all different websites, he even used it to program on a few times when he was away from home. Runs at a good enough speed for a cheap tablet.

Go out and play with tablets before you buy, especially if you're on a budget. Anyone who supports Apple generally doesn't like to agree that Android is a good OS and Samsung is a good producer.

geek_jahemian, Mar 24, 9:34 pm

No you can't. That's like saying a Chery J5 is the same thing as a Civic or Corolla or Golf

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 24, 9:44 pm

Laptops have more storage space than tablets. So if your watching movies and plan to have them stored on your device you are better off with a laptop. Also if you watch movies off a disc you cant dothis on a tablet.

geek_traceyracey70, Mar 24, 10:39 pm