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mcarky, Mar 21, 10:00pm
Yes, I am with Xtra/Yahoo.Yesterday the emails arrived today my user name and password are not recognised and access denigned.Oddly my other email addresses are routed through Xtra and are uninterupted.So where lies the problem! My Outlook program, saved usernames and passwords all work fine, except with can still access the emails from Xtra's website logging on there with same password.Who else has the same problem and does anyone know if its fixable from my end. Thanks

mcarky, Mar 21, 10:04pm
I am aware of the issues that Xtra is having with spamers and hacking of Xtra accounts, but not sure if this is connected or another issue.

king1, Mar 21, 10:09pm
username and password in Outlook then.
If it works in xtra webmail, then you have the correct credentials.
If other accounts work in Outlook then less likely to be a problem with Outlook.
Double, triple check.
Look for inadvertent spaces start and end, commas instead of periods, uppercase/lowercase etc
If your absolutely certain, try recreating the email account in outlook using the same settings.

mcarky, Mar 21, 10:19pm
Thanks King1 details unchanged from days where it works fine. Then like this morning, on doing a send & receive, all my emails arrive except the xtra ones and a login box appears, with all the details showing in User name & PW boxes.I have deleted them and rentered, but the login box keeps appearing until you cancel.Tomorrow or tonight, all those missing emails will be there and everything honky dorry until next time

mcarky, Mar 22, 7:11am
Can anyone else shed some light on what is going on here.Still no mail from Xtra today

king1, Mar 22, 7:20am
The only other thing I can think of to try is if your using the SSL servers in your settings (which seem to be more problematic) then switch to xtra's standard servers/ports

for use same server and port 110 instead of 995
for use on port 25 instead of 465, and no authentication

mcarky, Mar 23, 6:30am
thanks, I'll try.I think something queer is going on between the xtra yahoo marriage.

captaingraham, Mar 23, 9:27am
I am having problems with emails going to spam/junk file and deleting themselves. They are mainly genuine junk but I have lost some from TM buyers, it seems that when the buyer clicks on the TM link to contact me the mail is seen as junk and deleted

mcarky, Mar 24, 6:40am
Depending on your email program you should have an email junk link that allows you to adjust settings.Your settings may be set too high and may have a delete option that has been checked. For example on MS Outlook you go 'Home' 'Junk' 'junk email options' No automatic filtering, Low, High, Permanently delete suspect junk emails, disable phishing messages etc

andrew.t, Mar 24, 9:24am
pop server is not authenticating
change your xtra password then it will work

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