USB Wireless Adapter problems

brae81, Mar 21, 10:51pm

I've bought a new USB wireless adapter to use on my Win7 machine.

First it wouldn't accept the wireless password which I know is correct, just kept saying the pass phrase was incorrect.

I briefly unsecured the network and tried to connect which it did but did not have Internet access.

I've checked the properties and they are a set to obtain IP address automatically.

I have my laptop, iPhone and PS3 all connected and the net works fine.

Any suggestions!


king1, Mar 21, 11:29pm
did you install the drivers on the disk!
I find the drivers that windows installs by default quite often don't work.
Otherwise download the latest drivers from the manufacturer support site

brae81, Mar 22, 12:25am
I did install the driver and utility that was on the disk.

asmawa1, Mar 22, 2:07am
Would rebooting the router help!Just a thought.

brae81, Mar 22, 2:58am
I have tried rebooting.

When I connected to it before I had Internet, or so it said but when I tried to load a page it hung and then went back to saying No Internet access.

Ill try the stick in another computer and test if it works. If not might return it.

soundsgood, Mar 22, 3:13am
Have you rebooted the PC since installing the adapter software!

It would pay to run Windows Update and see if there are any new files the O/S needs.

spyware, Mar 22, 5:01am
About time you learned to use some basic shell commands, e.g., ipconfig.

brae81, Mar 22, 6:56am
That makes no sense.using the phrase about time implies you know someone. You don't know me from Adam. Get off your high horse.

For your information I have run ipconfig/all and I can't see anything wrong with it.

king1, Mar 22, 7:01am
have you tried dowloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer support site

spyware, Mar 22, 9:02am
If you use ipconfig and ping then why not report results rather than start a mind reading session on here.

brae81, Mar 22, 10:16pm
As if by some miracle I came home from work and it was working.

No idea how but its sorted.

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