Need help with downloading Adobe Flash Player

I have clicked on the link to download Latest Adobe Flash Player. It appears to download and it tells me it been successfully downloaded but when I go to look at a video on youtube it still comes up with ' Get the latest Flash Player'
Why is it doing this! please can some one help!

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 8:34 pm

Do you need to run the installer that you downloaded.

geek_king1, Mar 22, 8:41 pm

The downloaded file might be in your "Downloads" folder. Locate the file then click on it and install.

geek_chnman, Mar 22, 8:44 pm

It did that to me and drove me insane

I googled, and it turned out that somehow 'Active X' which needs to be either off or on(can't remember which one)wasn't

That can be found under I think it's tools on the menu bar

geek_melp6, Mar 22, 8:44 pm

No box came up indicating that I needed to do this. However, at the begining of the installation, in the instruction to download, was click on run. Which I did.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 8:44 pm

geek_king1, Mar 22, 8:46 pm

Have checked and it is not there that I can see. Certainly nothing with the label Adobe or Flashplayer.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 8:47 pm

This is the one I have been downloading from. Could it be anything to do with my not wanting Google Chrome. As I have been taking the tick out of the Google Chrome box there. I wouldn't have thought so myself but then again. When all said and done Google Chrome download is optional according to instructions.
Appreciate your effort here King. Thank you.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 8:50 pm

Me thinks you could be on the right track here. But which 'active x' control needs to be changed

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 8:52 pm

Assuming internet explorer.
have a look in
manage addons
toolbars and extensions

and see if the flashplayer has been disabled.
Otherwise tick the chrome box, since flash is built in with chrome

geek_king1, Mar 22, 8:55 pm

I just had a look, and my active X is NOT ticked.

It's found until tools, 'active X filtering'

geek_melp6, Mar 22, 8:55 pm

It is probably on the address bar at the right hand side of the site url. (Blue stop sign icon when it is active, greyed out when it is turned off.) I turn mine on when I want to watch vids, and turn it off if video advertising becomes distracting cos I think it's using up my bandwidth. luvvit.

geek_nitpnz, Mar 22, 9:02 pm

There are two items relating to Adobe there.
One is 'Shockwave Flash Object' which is enabled. when I click on this, a number appears below in a seperate box. It looks like an active X # 11.6.602.180 . I have no idea what this is or what it means.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 9:04 pm

Wonders if this might be the issue. Mine was blue ie swiched to on position.
I have just chaned it. Will now go back to Kings link above and try again. Fingers crossed.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 9:08 pm

Have tried everything that I know of, but still cannot get it to work. This is getting very frustrating.
I do appreciate all the help given to me this evening. Thanks so much. Not sure where to go from here.

geek_andante1, Mar 22, 9:34 pm

download and install chrome at least in the interim - it has flash player built in

geek_king1, Mar 22, 9:53 pm

geek_chnman, Mar 22, 11:32 pm