Register Adblock Pro (Only USD $19.95)

deodar, Jul 5, 8:30pm
Register Adblock Pro (Only USD $19.95) WTF?My 14 Day Trial is over&now they
want money,this was a Firefox Add On.
Should've had trial by jury.

flewy, Jul 5, 9:54pm
Adblock plus not pro.

seriouslycgi, Jul 6, 1:51am
Oh man lol not like you to miss the details deo

dino7, Jul 6, 3:11am
Lol new to computers deodar?;)..........mind you this morning i spent 20 minutes trying to get a usb wireless adaptor to work (kept disconnecting straight after logging on)- num lock was on so my password was wrong (being on a laptop) .......only found out when i connected an ethernet cable and typed in google -h6w t6 st6p :P

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