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captaingraham, Mar 23, 6:06am
HiMy computer has started to send all my junk mail direct to the junk file and delete it so I cannot check if any good stuff is going the same way. Some good stuff is going to junk and I need to be able to check on this file. Could I have done something to cause this or are others having the same problem. It started after the big spam attack a few weeks ago. How can I undo this.I am using Windows Mail and I also have Yahoo Mail. Some of the missing mail comes up on Yahoo but not on Windows Mail. Thanks in advance

king1, Mar 23, 6:55am
if it goes to junk mail in yahoo then it won't make it to windows mail at all

captaingraham, Mar 23, 9:30am
Posted in another thread.

I am having problems with emails going to spam/junk file and deleting themselves. They are mainly genuine junk but I have lost some from TM buyers, it seems that when the buyer clicks on the TM link to contact me the mail is seen as junk and deleted

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