Speed test 9.49mbps download 0.98mbps upload?

fordcrzy, Mar 21, 7:45am
our slingshot connection has been SLOOOOOW last few days so did a SS speed test and got the above results. we are semi rural.is that ok!

king1, Mar 21, 7:55am
quite normal

lifesteala, Mar 21, 8:10am
That's rather normal, indeed!

wellyguynz, Mar 21, 8:14am
loll telstra warp speed 104mbps

stevel_knievel, Mar 21, 8:21am
milli-bits per second!

wellyguynz, Mar 21, 8:23am
mbps on average 3min for a tv episode 5-6 for a movie

wellyguynz, Mar 21, 8:24am
depending on seeds

dylandylandylan, Mar 21, 8:25am
we have third world internet . :\

dudekrulz, Mar 21, 9:40am
worse than that ;)

(Really as the 'third world' has bypassed older tech for the newer wireless tech and thus why you can get insanely good speedy cellphone coverage in a lot of poorer countries like Kenya and Vietnam).

testbot_420, Mar 21, 9:53am
17mbps is my average on slingshot

willfam, Mar 21, 9:32pm
Rubbish. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2590561672.png

45Mb/s down 9Mb/s up.

Get a proper connection and quit complaining. Internet in NZ is fine. Look into getting VDSL. The new "Ultra Fast Fibre" is a rip-off.

dudekrulz, Mar 21, 9:40pm
VDSL is only available in certain areas, as is cable so don't apply your situation to everyone. For the lucky folks that have UFB already, it's actually faster than your VDSL speed.

king1, Mar 21, 9:41pm
Now do that speedtest to a European server - then i'll be impressed
To elaborate, I don't think anyone really has an issue with internet performance within NZ.The reason why NZ internet is perceived badly is due to the less than average international performance - that's my view on it anyway.

willfam, Mar 21, 9:54pm
VDSL runs off the current copper network. Got onto your ISP and maybe they'll get some gear into the right place.
UFB standard is 30 down 10 up and costs more than VDSL. You have to pay extra to get 100 down.

Frankfurt - http://www.speedtest.net/result/2590593995.png LA - http://www.speedtest.net/result/2590596173.png

A lot of the "Issues" with NZ Internet is that we're just so far away from everything that matters online. Not a lot anyone can do about that.
You can speed up the local traffic all you want, but that's not where the issue is. It helps a little bit, but once your connection can do 10 down local, that's really all you need until we get better international speeds and better routing.

nutslap, Mar 21, 10:39pm

volkier, Mar 22, 12:03am
Kinda hard when a good portion of the population simply don't have any choice whatsoever in getting a "good" connection. Not everyone lives in the middle of a city hub a block away from the exchange.

blue_meanie, Mar 22, 5:11am
U da man

nutslap, Mar 22, 10:22pm

hakatere1, Mar 22, 10:45pm

woody118, Mar 23, 6:15am
can any one with UFB post some speedtests and comment how great it is

woody118, Mar 23, 6:19am

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