Adblock Plus Help Please ...

janienz1, Jul 5, 9:52pm
Adblock Plus Help Please Hi, I have done something to my settings and am having to manually block each ad on Trademe. Can someone tell me what to key in to block them all automatically please ?

flewy, Jul 5, 9:54pm

janienz1, Jul 5, 10:13pm
Thank you very much flewy :)

deodar, Jul 5, 10:34pm
That's a : Filter.

badcam, Jul 5, 10:39pm
Tools/Adblock Plus...thenChoose add filters/View All Subscriptions/ This will open FF and show you the available filters. I would suggest the first two: EasyList & EasyElement. Go back to the Adblock window and choose those filters and click OK. That should be it. Possibly a restart of FF?

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