Backing up failing HDD?

vicvic, Mar 21, 12:13am
My storage HDD is getting worse by the day! I got a few crashes while browsing photos a month ago, backed them all up instantly to an external HDD. Now it freezes when I start to browse the other misc files. I copied a few gb last night fine, but today it started freezing on the folder I'm up to, I can't even check the properties anymore on that specific folder even though I could last night. Can't even copy more than 10mb worth of images anymore without it freezing, it's as if the failure spread throughout the entire drive overnight.

How do I safely copy over the last few remaining files without it crashing when copy/paste no longer works! I can still open the folders and see the files but not copy them.

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 12:25am
You're only looking at the file index. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to copy the files.

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 12:27am
Unstoppable Copier could be worth trying!ProgramID=29

vicvic, Mar 21, 2:28am
that seemed to help for images but now it keeps freezing, can't even copy 100mb without it freezing. I think I'll have to give up on recovering my data. Is there any other solution or am I done!

neoslowmo, Mar 21, 3:01am
Some expensive software will do it - you could try some freeware searching around, but - yes if not looking good for you it will be a give up situation

fordcrzy, Mar 21, 6:36am
keep it cool as possible. take it out of the pc case but still hooked up. take it outside and do the transfers outside while its still cool. itll last a bit longer before crashing.

little_egypt, Mar 21, 6:44am
this, and run it in a reasonably watertight antistatic bag sitting on a big block of ice. You might be able to stabilise it enough to get your data off. You'll probably only get one shot at it too because in copying the entire drive you're guaranteed to push the heads over every bit of debris and damage on the platter.

mr-word, Mar 21, 8:18am
The biggest problem I've had with external hard drives is the file allocation table corrupting and the drive disappearing from the system.

Your ram in your computer may be going bad on you and corrupting your data on your hard drives.

Thus your problem reading and writing files on your hard drive. Bad ram even affects your ability to install new graphics drivers on your computer.

run command prompt as administrator
Use chkdsk /f letterofdrive:

Then copy files over to another hard drive.

In Windows device manager under Disk drives
Check your External Hardrives policies. Removal policy should be
set for quick removal.

Try your external hard drive on someone Else's computer.

little_egypt, Mar 21, 8:11pm
hmmmm. on an external drive, it could also be just the USB adapter part failing (although on some drives that's all built in)

I'd take the drive apart and see if it's a standard IDE or SATA inside. If it is plug it directly into a machine and then you can run SMART diagnostics and get a much better idea of the problem.

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