Something is filtering and deleting my emails?

tania007, Mar 20, 7:51am
Any ideas.We have our own private domain so have had to swap email addresses as its causing nightmare, but like tonight someone emailed me on my old email address and it came into my inbox for about 5 secs and vanished, have checked all boxes and its not going to spam, its only taking the private emails typed out by joe bloggs not the automated ones like sold with reserve met etc.Have nortons internet security on.Any ideas what it could be!thanks.

king1, Mar 20, 7:56am
How do you check your emails! Client program - which! Hotmail, Gmail etc!

tania007, Mar 20, 8:05am
it goes through webmail which is uk based.

king1, Mar 20, 8:10am
you'll have to have a look through the settings for any of
message rules - redirecting/deleting mail to/from folders
Forwarding rules - forwarding mail onto another email address
Spam filters etc

Could also be simply that a phone or laptop or other device is just collecting the mail but not set to leave messages on server

In some email accounts that get hijacked (yahoo ring any bells) I have seen forwarding set to forward all messages to aforementioned hijackers

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