HP 1210 Scanning issues! Please help

zeppelin155, Mar 19, 9:06pm
Hi Guys, I don't usually post on here but I'm about ready to throw my scanner/printer out the window!
I'm trying to scan some photos. It is scanning, but for whatever reason they are coming out in the corner of a A4 sized Document.
I never had this problem with my old computer. I'm now running windows 8 and it has done the latest update.
I'm sure its probably just a settings issue but I can't figure it out.
The HP help website is a pain and not very helpful!

Any advise would be much appreciated

_drdee_, Mar 20, 12:08am
Options I can think of:
1. Bring up preview mode and resize the area being scanned.
2. open the scanned image in a photo editor and resize/crop the scanned image.
3. Splash out the $50 to buy a much better all-in-one (the 1210 is what! nearly 10 years old.) that has drivers designed to work in Windows8.

USB 1.1, must be a rocket ship to scan and print lol!

r.g.nixon, Mar 20, 12:14am
A scanned photo doesn't have a fixed print size. Just fixed pixels.
Are you scanning to jpeg files! What resolution are you scanning at! 300dpi is all you need for colour photos.

biggal, Mar 20, 2:25am
Ihad a 1210 once It was ok.Can't help thinkiing there is something not right with your settings,Check them all out.
Do tests with A4 paper

biggal, Mar 20, 2:37am
Just reread your post and I see you are using Win8.The 1210 is probably not compatible with Win 8.Win 8 web site has a compatibility chart for hardware or at least a way of entering up your hardware to check its compatibility. Google!

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