Linkedin How do you email them back?

redders01, Mar 29, 11:12pm
MailerDaemon result problem, and
need to know why invites not sent are arriving in floods to my bank and other random people, services used or unused at any time! help!

king1, Mar 29, 11:19pm
fill in the blanks - do you use linkedin! did you send out invites! services used or unused - not clear!
Linkedin is often 'used' for/by phishing emails so maybe your email account has been compromised

redders01, Mar 29, 11:32pm
My son lin law sent a request to join Linked in so I did, I have not sent out any invites nor have I used any services from linked in as he was the only one on my site
What is phishing!please! thankyou for your interest

king1, Mar 29, 11:41pm

redders01, Mar 29, 11:51pm
Thanx I have just set out my problem to microsoft through this suggestion, appreciated muchly King 1

lythande1, Mar 30, 3:01am
What! They don't care, they are advising you to ignore phishing attempts.
If you are getting a lot of spam, adjust your spam filter settings at the ISP end.

lyrad, Mar 31, 8:45am
So are receiving invites from other people or are you receiving acceptance of invites you never sent!

misteeenz, Mar 31, 9:22pm
I am receiving acceptance of invites not sent.

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