Orcon service worse than rubbish

Arranged with Orcon House Moving Dept for change over to new address later in April,they said I could even keep my excisting phone number,some days later they email me =they now cannot do,yet their web site repeatedly say,s they can and still does. (new area)
The real problem though is on Friday morning (yesterday) I could not get on line and after hour,s wasted I find out their House Moving Dept has cut me off and blocked my internet connection 3 week,s early ! And NO ONE at Orcon can do anything about it till Tuesday after they return from holiday ! Hard to believe in this day and age they only give part time service.Their call centre,else where in the world was less that helpful and over 24 hours after last talking to them I still await the call centre mangaer/superviser to call me back !

needless to say I will have to waste even more time on Tuesday going through the whole saga again,meantime it is costing me time and money to go somewhere where I can get a connection to the net for email etc.

"Rubbish"does notcover over 4 days of lack of any service from this outfit or the hassle we have been put through to date

geek_brian_k7, Mar 30, 12:08 pm

Well this much I do know all their service is done thru indonesia or there abouts 17 service calls over same problem, asked to repeat saga each time, no records and they cannot help you They are contracted twith Telecom and the cost for recontracting aan actual person to come out , they are not interested inpaying for,- quit now while you are ahead

geek_redders01, Mar 30, 12:16 pm

sadly getting cut off early seems to occur all to often - not just orcon though, i've seen it happen with telstra and vodafone

geek_king1, Mar 30, 12:23 pm

If you want the best service, go with Actrix or Inspire. You may end up paying more, but at least you will get immediate help.

Some people can survive with no internet or phone for a couple of days.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 30, 1:32 pm

Of course, the call centre isn't able to reconnect anything at the exchange or at Orcon, they can only troubleshoot and pass it on.

You get what you pay for.Orcons move to Manila was mentioned ages ago.

geek_lythande1, Mar 30, 3:59 pm

Update.1st April.is this an Orcon joke or wot !
today got two text from orcon telling me to go to my email (which is blocked by them,so I have to go find some where to get on the net) One message gives me a date in early April when they will stop service and the second email says it will be 10 days later !
Yet still no one at Orcon to talk to till tomorrow,what a circus this mob is now

geek_brian_k7, Apr 1, 4:46 pm

It probably because of the imminent sale. Kordia is selling Orcon to MacDonalds (I saw that on Twitter).

I no longer makes sense for small-medium sized ISPs to run their own mail servers, when there are larger free ones available.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 4:59 pm

I had similar miseries with Orcon when they messed up my mobile data plan and cut my phone off.I eventually complained on their Facebook page and got very prompt attention.It's not fair but it may help.

geek_davidt4, Apr 1, 5:06 pm

Yeah I've had issues with Orcon too. Moved into a new house, was getting 1mbit download. They sent techs out 4-5 times over a month before they figured out it was a fault at their end.

1 minute to fix the problem and up to 10mbit download.

Terrible customer service.

geek_mazdasix, Apr 1, 8:25 pm

Heh, I used to have webhosting with them before I moved on (and get as far the f away as I possibly could), and I don't know how this happened because I always pay my bills, but I somehow missed a months payment. Their reaction was to cut the email account off that they sent the bill to so I never got the overdue notices or subsequent invoices. It was only resolved when I realised I hadn't been billed for the hosting for a while and I called them to find out why. Idiots.

geek_-mung-, Apr 1, 8:38 pm