Logitech 200 Programmeable Remote Inbuilt Fault

Where does Logitech get off with this sort of thing! I have the above which inexplicably stopped working with three buttons- T.V., Cable & DVD flashing simultaneously. Nothing I could do seemed to get it working again. Then, I completely by chance stumbled upon a recommendation that when this happens, I should remove the batteries, press a certain key ("2") and this would fix the problem- which it did. Reading other postings on the Logitech website confirms that this product has a tendency to do this and others- also on the point of throwing the thing away and buying another programmable remote- had found the same thing. I've sent an angry email to Logitech but has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know why the retailer/ Logitech, shouldn't be obliged to let people know that this apparently well know- to them- fault exists!

geek_johnhb, Mar 29, 9:18 pm

Well you have strong rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act - takr it back.

geek_brapbrappy, Mar 29, 9:24 pm

ive had a logitech 785 for about 3-4 years with no issues apart from just buying a replacement battery last week as it would only keep charge for a few days. back to 4-5 days between charges.great remote

geek_fordcrzy, Mar 29, 9:31 pm