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bargainhunter10, Mar 31, 2:09am
this is embarrassing but i genuinely have no you have to have a contract!can you text!what are these aps i keep hearing about!do these aps access the web and do you pay extra for this!

vtecintegra, Mar 31, 2:12am
No, yes, programs that run on the phone, sometimes, depends on your plan

quotejoss, Mar 31, 2:16am
no, yes, apps are applications kinda like programs for ya phone, some do some dont and the with the ones that do you only pay if you use your phones internet, you can just use wifi when in range

gibler, Mar 31, 2:24am
a catchphrase.

spielfeuer, Mar 31, 3:18am
A smartphone is any phone generally a mobile phone that can do more than just making calls and texts., Mar 31, 3:30am
They are a standard ph but generally have a grahics screen so can have a web browser, word processor, spreadsheet plus any other programs (apps) written for them. You can get them on or off contract and use them with prepay plans if you want.

lythande1, Mar 31, 4:09am
A phone capable of accessing the internet - and using various pointless (and one or two useful) applications.

You can pre=pay or pay monthly, same as a calls/txt only phone. Data is charged in MB so as not to scare you with the cost in GB.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 4:14am
Imagine your desktop computer with all it's own prg's installed & wireless internet access, has NOW shrunk to the size of a 50mm x 125mm screen thats only 10mm thick.

I hope you have blimin good eyes.

mikep, Mar 31, 6:15am
Let's skip the personal comments, and get some real facts:

mrfxit, Mar 31, 7:59am
Yes & some std desktop pc's can do all of that as well except being portable in a pocket.

Still valid ;-)
I know which I would rather be fixing when it's busted

cherise11, Mar 31, 8:55am
A smartphone is a mobile phone that works on a mobile operating system eg iOS, Andriod, or Windows mobile, so yes it is like a small portable computer that fits in a pocket, which of course uses services provided by the mobile phone network eg text, calls, data etc.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 9:28am
Some of those smart ph's use quad core cpu's.
you can get docking cables for some that allow you to connect a desktop lcd screen & std keyboard

nzoomed, Mar 31, 9:42am
a helpful word of advice #1, DONT get an iPhone, get an android phone such as the samsung galaxy range

mrfxit, Mar 31, 9:48am
Agreed unless you have $$ to splash around on app's etc.
Can't get anything for Apple ph's unless you use their "App" store

-mung-, Mar 31, 10:56am
I love it how you'll put someone on a path of potential frustration just to push your weird little partisan techy agenda.

Someone who has only just found out the difference between a smartphone and a feature phone hardly gives a shit about quad/octacore cpus, techy spec this buzzword that and freeeeeeedooom from the absolute tyrany of being able to get all your apps in once place.

raven71, Mar 31, 6:25pm
A smart phone is one what went to university and it got it an edumacation.

therafter1, Mar 31, 7:43pm
In my meagre experience the mere fact that an individual has attended university to further their edumacation doesn't appear to have made them any smarter than many people that I have met that for various reasons had very little opportunity for an edumacation of any description, let alone edumacation to university level !

mrfxit, Mar 31, 8:13pm
Apple ph's (eg: Iphones etc) = APPLE App & Itunes store ONLY = $$ for a lot of stuff & ANYTHING music you want to install (apart from the Itunes prg).
Also = 100% dose of DRM

Alternative smart ph's = mostly free apps & available from several different app stores/ websites etc.
Also = very minimal to no DRM

(DRM) Digital Rights Management = you PAY for ALL content &CAN'T transfer it to another device legally without PAYING another fee & often end up having to re-download it again after paying again.
If you delete/ corruptit (regardless of how or why) you PAY again if you want it back

mrfxit, Mar 31, 8:16pm
They are often smarter in a narrower field but dumber in the wider field & lacking in street (real world) smarts.

I know this because I have several of "them" here (working at different subjects) & several of the "others" here as well.

nzoomed, Mar 31, 10:35pm
DRM sucks, its so hard to explain to people asking for advice on iPods etc, they always ask me why does everyone say iPods are the best, and i say they are not, you can only transfer songs from the iTunes account that its synced to, with an android phone you can drag and drop any mp3 from any computer straight over without any issues.
In saying that, i thought if you bought any song from the iTunes store, you still get it back from your itunes account, since its recorded that its been paid for.

-mung-, Apr 1, 3:51am
Its a shame that so many dumb people do uni and so many smart people don't. You know who will get the managerial job dontcha.

therafter1, Apr 1, 4:15am
I think there may be some openings available here and there as I suspect that most of the graduates are presently employed by the NZTA and they are designing roads with negative camber on corners in areas with known high rainfall rates and passing lanes that cut out on the crests of hills just prior to right turn bays and figuring out places to fit armco barriers to deflect leemings who deserve to go over the bank into the oncoming traffic so that we have fatal head ons instead of minor roll overs and hundreds of reflective chevrons on non existent corners to combine with the oncoming headlights and dazzle the bejeezuz out of ya and other road safety related stuff like that lol

-mung-, Apr 1, 7:50am
Okay I ignored this the first time around, but hang on, that's a load of crap.

You can get your music from anywhere you want, it's just not as one-click simple (obviously) if you get your music from somewhere else. iTunes Music has no DRM. Do you know what DRM actually is! I mean, I assume you do, you should, but your post suggests otherwise.

You can only buy apps from the app store unless they are webapps, but pretty much everything comes fromt he app store because it's a single point of entry and it's convienent. Note that even the good old Firefox OS will require apps to go through their own portal if it requires access to certain things. Y'know, to sign it and make sure it's not malware. Yes I know it's wonderful to have the freedom to install malware on android, but most people try to avoid it.

Lots of free stuff on the app store. TONs of it infact.

You can transfer your stuff to any device you want. It just has to be signed into your account. As it should be. I download something for an iPhone, I can download it again for an iPad I might own. And then I decide I don't want it and wipe it. Later on I change my mind, not only do I have access to it, but iCloud has stored all my previous apps so I don't have to trawl through the app store to find it. I buy a newer model iPhone, I can transfer everything. I own it because I paid for it once already. I can download it as many times as I like for no extra cost.

So where the hell do you get your information from! Because every single bit of it is wrong.

-mung-, Apr 1, 7:53am
I've never tried to get music off an iPod or iPhone or iPad, I imagine without 3rd party software it's hard. That said, I've never needed or wanted to. I have music on the computer. Transferring stuff, yeah dunno how hard it is, I tend not to go through the interface. The files are in a music folder, just grab them like you would on any other OS/platform/whatever.

nzoomed, Apr 1, 9:37am
i dont know if its just me, but i find iTunes extremely difficult to use, especially the latest version!

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