Host Server?

muffin2, Mar 31, 8:34am
my band has a website (they've had it since before I joined 18 months ago) and the singer said they have to renew their domain name and the host server.
I know what the domain name is and that gets renewed every year (if you choose a 1 year renewal), but what exactly is the host server! - what do they do and what do we need to pay them for!

vtecintegra, Mar 31, 8:48am
The company that runs the server (computer) your website is stored on. You need to pay them to cover the cost of running the server and the cost of keeping it connected to the internet (and of course some extra so the company can make a profit)

-bookzone-, Mar 31, 8:49am
The host server is the computer on which your website 'sits'. You (usually) pay an annual fee to have a website hosted - unless you are using a free webhost.

lifesteala, Mar 31, 9:42am
A "host" is a web hosting company which houses servers to run websites online. So, your bands website, is sitting on a server with a particular company. As mentioned, to cover costs they'll have an invoice sent to the owner of the account for payment.

muffin2, Mar 31, 9:42am
thanks - I thought that was the case. are there free webhosts here in NZ!

-bookzone-, Mar 31, 9:48am
Yes, just Google free NZ webhosts. But, with 'free', you get what you pay for!

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