How do i hook my laptop up to my TV?

totalimp, Mar 30, 10:20pm
I'm not seeing an HDMI thing on the laptop

king1, Mar 31, 12:00am
if it doesn't have hdmi on the laptop then use a vga cable with the 3.5mm audio cable

vtecintegra, Mar 31, 12:03am
Depends on what outputs the laptop has, and what inputs the TV has.

hapukanz, Mar 31, 1:35am
Does your TV have a VGA port. the same as the one for the external screen for your laptop! IF so use that.

you will need also to use the Headphones out socket on your Laptop and an audio in socket on your TV to hear the laptop audio as well.

HDMI does both audio and video.

hope that helps

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