Advice re Internet and Phone Problem Please

ricford1, Apr 1, 8:20am
Yesterday had problems with our landline phone (Uniden Loud & Clear) set of two, base set sounded like you were talking under water and 2nd set was like in a tunnel . bad echo. Went to go online to check when I bought these and when connecting, the noise was different and long and didn't connect due to timeout.Tried again and it did but was running really slow.My daughter took the phones to her house and they are working perfectly and the one I am using now is working okay. I rang Telstra who said there wasn't a fault with our line however if we got the workmen out to check it, it would cost $138 if they found nothing.Would be so grateful if anyone could throw some light on this please.Was told it could be a modem fault but my laptop is doing the same as the desk top.

chitty11, Apr 1, 9:12am
could be a dodgy modem but more likely a filter needs replaced.the thing you plug the phone wire and modem wire into before it goes into the phone jack, these do wear out easily replaced from on here or most stores with anything computer related. Also if you are using an extension lead from the phonejack to where the modem is these cause problems and if possible move the modem and filter closer to the jack. also if each extension set plugs into a phone jack then you need to put a filter on those too. other option as telstra should have told you is remove everything and plug in one by one til you find the fault. unlikely to be modem, also do you have a monitored alarm or medical alarm at all! when did fault start!

ricford1, Apr 1, 10:46am
Thank you for your reply.I guess I have two problems . the phones and the internet being so slow and not connecting for all various reasons . I just wondered if they could all be related.I have plug my laptop straight into phone jack . still weird connecting sound and very slow and tried both phones all round the house and nothing improves them however like I said they are working well at my daughter's.All these problems started yesterday both with the phones and net.

chitty11, Apr 1, 10:54am
sorry assumed you were on broadband but it sounds like you are using dialup! are the base units plugged into phone jacks! if its dialup I would try removing all phones and then just try the dialup connection where it was last working and see if that helps, if not and both the desktop dialup and laptop dialup are doing the same thing, it could be some weird lines fault, however could be hard to pinpoint as one phone is working and they will only check the line with their phone which is just a standard plug in. if you think you need a tech then I would try a computer tech and see if they can help before calling out a line faults guy.

chitty11, Apr 1, 10:55am
but do mention to any computer tech you phone what the issue is before hiring them as they may or may not be able to look into it.

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