Advice on what to buy please?

princess52, Apr 1, 7:24am
I suspect I will need to buy a new laptop soon as mine has had a hissy fit and won't work any more. My IT (wonderful) person is away until next Monday.

If you were me, which laptop would you buy! I mostly use it at home but do travel. I need a mouse as I can't manage touchpads - so I need at least two USB ports. I mostly use my laptop for surfing the net and also work on it, so it needs to be able to run office. I don't care much about sound quality nor am I a gamer. I do like speed so I'd be going for the best I can get in RAM.

I have a samsung tablet and an ipad and whilst they are good for some stuff, I don't manage as well as when I have a decent sized screen and normal keyboard.

I'd like to look at something light (in weight). Should I be looking at ultrabooks or what!

Thanks in advance for your help :)

dvince, Apr 1, 7:29am

r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 7:33am
Some ultrabooks compared. 4 of the following are 'Editors Choice'.,2817,2400007,00.asp

princess52, Apr 1, 7:34am
I meant to put that in. Possibly up to about $2,000 but I suspect I could get something good for less!

black-heart, Apr 1, 7:38am
wait till next monday !

rayonline_tm, Apr 1, 7:45am
You didn't list a specific use, I gather just normal avg stuff!I would look for a Ultrabook or a Air Book.For travel, lighter etc . do cost more thou.If not that a good brand like Asus, Toshiba, some may differ but I found Lenovo v good too, any would do, if you just have avg needs, whatever price that you like.Yeah 4GB RAM should be enough, I know that some have more but you don't really need IMO for normal things.If you really want speeds, maybe get a laptop with a SSD hard drive they are faster.

princess52, Apr 1, 7:49am
I kinda like to do some research before I purchase. Then I can discuss my options with the wonderful IT guy.

I'm hoping he can get the stuff that's on the unwell laptop off it. I doubt that it will be fixable though, which is why I'm looking at options.

Thanks to all who've given suggestions. I'd already had a look at the PC mag editor's choice link.

I like the size of the macbooks but as I'm very used to microsoft and I have to integrate it into the work environment where it's mostly non Apple rather than Apple.

eta: And I had a toshiba that I bought from Dick Smith (about 4 years ago). It fried its motherboard within 2 weeks of me getting it set up! So I'm not mad keen on toshiba after that.

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