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margaret, Mar 31, 10:38pm
my Epson printer is making a clunking noise when it starts up and when I try to print something it wont print it is a cx 5500 model I have put new inks in and it still wont print

lythande1, Apr 1, 1:58am
It needs repair.

mark.52, Apr 1, 2:06am
Post of the day.

therafter1, Apr 1, 2:19am
Lol . in my experience with Epson printers it is deceased. If it is still under warranty they just bin it and send you a brand spankers one complete with full cartridges.

olack, Apr 1, 4:04am
With the printer power off, you may be able to open the rear of the printer, a panel maybe, to check for any jammed paper.

margaret, Apr 1, 9:08pm
there is no jammed paper

gj, Apr 1, 10:32pm
It could be a jammed or broken stepper motor or drive belt. You could try this company which are in your area and have a $60 flat fee. (Have not used them myself)
On the other hand - its probably 5 years old and may not be economic to repair. A similar replacement would cost about $150.

margaret, Apr 2, 12:58am
thank you I rang them and found out it was a 2006 year it came out so it isn't worth fixing

richard112, Apr 2, 6:28am
Not this one!576739472

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