What to buy? Cheap desktop

paysanne, Apr 1, 8:28pm
Need a desktop for home. Have Laptop and tablet, want a desktop for 9 year old son to do assignments on, surf Internet, and for me to do work on. I will be using word and excel. What specs do I need to do this! Son would like to play mine craft also if possible. Any ideas second hand, new etc would be great.

dvince, Apr 1, 9:24pm
Probably something with a core 2 duo processor. Depends on what you want to spend.

paysanne, Apr 1, 9:36pm
I want to spend as little as possible! Seriously though, best price but capable of the above.

r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 9:39pm
About $60. Any old P4 with 512MB to 1GB of RAM.
Monitor may be an extra $20.

soundsgood, Apr 1, 9:45pm
Just about any computer on Trademe would be capable of running a browser, word and excel.

Games - are a different story. The technical needs should be on the box the game came in - both minimum and recommended. Aim for the recommended.

If you buy second hand you could always on sell it next year at a similar price if you find the need something more powerful.

mazdasix, Apr 1, 9:58pm
OP stated they wanted to play Minecraft. Your suggestion probably wouldn't do that.

r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 10:01pm

gj, Apr 1, 10:07pm
Did you read that carefully! it says you need a duel core CPU - that must be a special version for games involving sword fights!

testbot_420, Apr 2, 7:56pm

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