How do I connect Freeview to an older DVD Recorder

bluemoon07, Apr 2, 4:25am
I have a PanasonicTH-P42X20Z TV which already has Freeview.However, I have an older DVD Recorder which is a Pioneer HDD/DVD Recorder which does not have Freeview and I have been trying to hook up a Dish TV T1020 Freeview aerial box to it so I will still be able to record on this when we change over to Freeview.I'm in Christchurch so this is happening at the end of this month.I can get the freeview box to work direct from the TV but when I connect the DVD recorder to it all I get is a blank screen.
I have been told to hook up the freeview box to the TV and the recorder to the Freeview box.I am not sure which cables to use and I am guessing I need to plug the aerial into the Freeview box.I am a little challenged when it comes to these sorts of things.
I have two cords with the Red/White/Yellow connections at both ends but I'm not sure if I need three of these and if so there is only one lot of plugs on the Freeview box I can plug into what type of cord would I use to either connect the Freeview box to the TV and the Freeview box to the DVD Recorder!
Is anyone able to give me any pointers!

soundsgood, Apr 2, 4:57am
Connect the Freeview box to the relevant signal cable, depending on where Terrestrial or Satellite.

The little freeview box should have RCA connections (Red/White/Yellow). Run a three-plug cable to an input of the Recorder.
Set the recorder to the AV input (maybe know as L1, L2 etc).

Connect the recorder to the TV in the usual way.

We still have such a setup working on one of our TVs.

meathead_timaru, Apr 2, 5:25am
Yellow OUTPUT from Freeview tuner to a yellow INPUT on DVD recorder. Repeat for red and white plugs - ensure they are all going to the same INPUT AV port number on the recorder.

All recording will need to be done with the DVD recorder set to the AV port number the connectors are going to and the Freeview tuner set to the channel you wish to record. Any 'bookings' you make for the EPG on the Freeview box to record will need a corresponding and matching timer setting in the DVD recorder or you will need to start the recording manually.

Much better to simply get a $100 2TB HDD to put on the T1020 and keep the DVD recorder for playing DVDs and recording programs recorded on the PVR to DVD.

bluemoon07, Apr 2, 8:11am
OK thanks I will give this a go tomorrow.Thanks for your time I will let you know if it works .

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