Toshiba satelite c650 no sound? dunno how?

was watching a movie through windows media player and I lost my sound all of a sudden anyone know how I fix that, its got smart audio conextant cx60271 smart audio HD on the volume icon in the tray when I press mixer, shows no probs on troubleshooting at all, so dunno what happened any help would be much appreciated.

geek_farnortherner, Apr 2, 6:32 pm

Try another movie!

geek_supertech1, Apr 2, 6:59 pm

I lost the onboard sound on my Toshiba laptop - laptops run quite hot so a component may have failed.
I just went to and bought one of these

good quality sound and it fits where the old speakers were , recommended.

geek_ryanm2, Apr 2, 8:21 pm

yeah I've seen some Satellite models suffer from the no sound issue.
it would often come back if you turn off power completely (i.e. remove battery)/

geek_gibler, Apr 2, 8:44 pm