Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy 10.1 32GB?

dingo011, Apr 2, 1:09am
My Kindle Fire died at the weekend ( 13 months old ) Have found it has been great as I read alot and use for internet when away from home etc. But for around the same $ I can now buy the Galaxy tablet or the Fire HD as a replacement! As Amazon keep all my books stored in cloud I can just add the Kindle app onto the Galaxy tablet or stick with Kindle Fire! Just thought I would check what the more "informed" than me thought about each choice!

jahemian, Apr 2, 1:16am
If your KINDLE broke after only 13 months of use, I wouldn't be getting another Kindle, that's for sure.

mikep, Apr 2, 1:23am
It depends if you like the larger 10.1 format - personally I'd find it cumbersome, and would go for one of the 7" tablets, like Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab 7. Using an ereader app such as Aldiko also give you access to a lot more books, even free!

dingo011, Apr 2, 1:26am
It seems that the version 1 Kindle fire have a fault in or around the usb port. This have since been dealt with on the HD model just released. Once I google searched, I found that lots of people experienced the same issue. Amazon do not sell Fire outside the USA and the warrenty was 12 months so have no choice to replace or go tablet!

trevenco, Apr 2, 7:14am
I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which I like very much.
I think the free Kindle app is better, with a much better selection. I find the free Aldiko app is inferior in every way, with a poor catalogue in comparison to Kinldes Amazon catalogue.

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