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ctps, Apr 1, 11:10pm
I know laptops are not the best for gaming as they heat up BUT I need some ideas on what would be the minimum specs for gaming.
I have heard that there is little difference between 1Gb and 2Gb dedicated graphics. Is that correct or is it better to go for 2Gb.
Does processor speed matter that much if you have the good graphics and ram! Obviously would look at the higher end of processor speed e.g. not less than 1.8ghz but.
All ideas welcome!

mazdasix, Apr 1, 11:30pm
It totally depends on what type of games you want to play

If you have a budget of $3000 plus then you can get a great gaming laptop.

Anything less will play games but you'll have to sacrifice graphics quality

Graphics card matters a lot more than CPU. Any i5 or i7 will be fine.

Graphics card memory doesn't matter so much these days, it's more to do with the other capabilities of the card, like clock speed. Any 1GB or 2GB card will do fine as long as it's a high-end card, like the Nvidia 660, 670, 680, etc, for high-end games.

ctps, Apr 1, 11:41pm
Thanks for the info. WHat are the better AMD graphics cards do you know! AMD seems to be more popular with less expensive laptops. $3000 is quite a lot out of the range sadly!

jahemian, Apr 2, 1:25am
If you search for AMD I'm sure a website will tell you which range etc is better.

mazdasix, Apr 2, 1:41am
Get a desktop then :) if you want to play the latest games you need a high-end laptop

And I'd recommend Nvidia graphics

vtecintegra, Apr 2, 5:08am
If you only want to play older titles then you can get away with cheaper - stuff like Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas is playable on the integrated HD4000 (at least the versions that come in non-ultrabooks)

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