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chicko_wicko, Apr 24, 3:14am
Can anyone tell me what's the HTC equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S4 !

le01, Apr 24, 3:16am
The HTC One

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 5:31am
Wonder y its got a 4mp camera

wheelmann, Apr 24, 5:57am
More mega pixels doesn't always mean better quality pictures.

sharpedgepaint, Apr 24, 6:03am
Dont get a htc one no removeable battery or sd card get a Sony z or S4 or lg optimus g pro =)

_drdee_, Apr 24, 6:13am
Moot points. Doesn't need to have a removable battery, it will last as long as the usefulness of the phone. SD card is almost obsolete in a phone with the built in storage, multitudes of cloud storage options and even music streaming of your entire collection via google music.
Build quality of HTC is stunning and definitely is a worthwhile opponent to the S4.

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 7:15am
The consumer does not see it that way

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 8:26am
why do you need to remove a battery! At least when ya drop it doesn't fly into several bits.

jason18, Apr 24, 8:38am
I often find removing the battery a good thing especially when smartphones always play up. Often removing the battery is a good way to reset them

ming24, Apr 24, 8:38am
Having a removable battery isn't so much about the battery lasting as long as the rest of the phone.A lotof people like to carry a spare battery if they are going to be in a situation where they can't charge their phone, so swapping to a charged battery is useful.

SD card slots are very useful and money saving.Often with sales, you can buy micro SD cards for much cheaper than the cost to upgrade from a 16GB to 32GB, 32GB to 64GB

deus701, Apr 24, 8:52am
Htc one can stop a bullet better than s4

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 9:03am
I have a one x never needed a "reset" had it nearly a year . I stream most my music so 32 g is ok for meI still have 10 free I prefer HTC build quality over Samsung

jason18, Apr 24, 9:47am
I flash custom firmware on my stuff thats probably why I like a removable battery

mikep, Apr 24, 9:51am
Having seen a video of a fanboy unboxing the HTC One and giggling insanely, I can agree with the build quality - but really, why cut and brushed aluminium!

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 9:55am
same here have both my samsung galaxy tab non removable batt and htc one x are running 4.2.2

jason18, Apr 24, 10:12am
Oh ok, Do you flash many roms ! Never soft bricked it flashing a kernal that didnt work with a rom! I have always had to remove battery. Oh well maybe you have had better luck than me. Its just my preference to have a removable battery.

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 10:32am
Just my last 4 phones never ran into any probs apart from a Huawei where I should of unlocked it first it became stuck on skinny,galaxy tab 2 was easiest I want to do misses s3 she won't let me lol. Each phone, tab generally has a diff way of doing it there is some clever devolopers out there. I do it cause I can.

bigfatmat1, Apr 24, 10:36am
I found one advantage of non removeable batt is you cannot turn phone off if in lock screen with pin swipe or face recog so if someone swiped my phone. I know ill be able to track it till the batt is flat. Unless they take SIM LOl. I love the nfc tags to they fun to play round with got them stuck everwhere automates my life

echoriath, Apr 24, 10:40am
Yes, but the consumer is a moron.

2nd2none, Apr 24, 10:41am
ultraPixel technology "Bigger pixels in the sensor means a much better ability to collect light, which also means better low-light photos and a better dynamic range"

neillo1, Apr 24, 10:56am

chicko_wicko, Apr 24, 11:18pm
Dont get a htc one no removeable battery or sd card get a Sony z or S4 or lg Optimus.

You say no removeable battery, so why does the guy say otherwise in th video clip supplied in the website above !

bm.taylor, Apr 25, 12:50am
Apparently these days 'no removable battery' means 'a little harder to remove'.

I bought an iphone 4 back in the day, supposedly had a battery that couldn't be removed. except all it required was taking the cover off undoing a couple of screws. unplug battery. battery removed.

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 12:51am
Not with the One - that phone is almost impossible to disassemble

2nd2none, Apr 25, 12:53am
Did you hear him say the htc has a removable battery while demonstrating this on the S4.

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