Mac App Store login "An unknown error has occurred

flashdaz, Apr 20, 8:04am
As a bit of a Mac newbie , I have had the Mac App Store login "An unknown error has occurred "problem on my 2012 Macbook air.

When trying to Logon with my AppleID to the APP store i get the " An unknown error has occurred "

However Itunes and Icloud have no logon issues

I have tried deleting the Network Preferences PLIST , creating a new account and using that to sign in along with all the otherideas I have found on the internet but no luck,

My Apple ID logs in usingmy daughters Macbook on the same wireless network, no problem.

My airport card was water damaged so I am using a Nano Wireless adapter plugged into the USB which shows on my Network list as "USB Ethernet" which may be causing a problem!

I thought I had the problem solved by creating a new Apple ID on the Apple website which I then was able to login to the Appstore on my Macbook Airsuccessfully but when I tried to verify the new account I got as far as the credit card details and then it came up with some thing like "Your request can not be completed at the time . please try again later " and despite " trying again later" no joy.

This is getting totally frustrating so any suggestions would be great!


flashdaz, Apr 25, 10:14am
Any suggestions!

_drdee_, Apr 25, 10:42pm

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