Whats a good video card for Flight Simulator X?

nzoomed, Apr 24, 12:45pm
Im desperately trying to locate a video card for my friends Computer running FSX.
I know the game really sucks as far as hardware specs go, it seems to suck no matter what card i use.
Anyway i thought getting a GTX650 would do the job fine, the only problem is that the computer doesnt like the card that well, the computer doesnt always boot up with the card installed, since its an older lenovo which only has PCIe 2.0 and this is a 3.0 card, i think thats the problem.
I dont have any issues with any PCIe2.0 cards and ive installed a grunty 600w PSU so thats not the problem either.
The game runs acceptable with the GTX650, but if i can get something better, thats cool, if anyone has an older card that they want to swap, let me know. TIA :)

lythande1, Apr 24, 8:01pm
Because it's not such a GPU intensive game- it's more CPU.

The high end Intel is really what you need for it.

nzoomed, Apr 24, 9:53pm
Its a dual core AMD athlon 64, i found that upgrading from a single core P4 didnt make a huge difference in performance other than how fast the game loaded.
Perhaps i could get better performance win win7 64 bit, but im using XP, since the game crashes in win7 so i hear.
From what ive been told, FSX was coded for older generation 2D rendering video cards and isint well designed for the newer directX API that takes more advantage of the newer 3D acceleration techniques that the new cards use, since these new cards have very little 2D rendering in them, i have been told i would be better off using an old machine with a high end AGP card no newer than 10 years old!

I dont think i would believe that 100% but i feel its partially true.
What is a good PCIe 2.0 card to use anyway! This card cost $200 and the machine doesnt like this card and im not going to risk any other PCIe 3.0 cards again, which most of the cards available are now.
I was thinking of perhaps using a 285GTX or something similar, i am happy to swap if anyone has a suitable card they want to get rid of.

btoogood, Apr 25, 1:38am
I have a 9800 GT pcie card in mine and it runs it no worries not sure of the price though

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 1:42am
Be careful - those older high end cards require a hell of a lot of power so you may well need to replace your power supply too. Also due to the power draw they run hot and loud.

nzoomed, Apr 25, 1:53am
i put a 600w PSU in it, since i thought that was the problem with the card i installed. your right, my GTX275 in my machine uses more power than a modern GTX650 and its a more powerful card!

astarotte, Apr 25, 3:04am
Get an HD 7850 or 7870 - they are good bang for the buck, and don't use much power.

blue_meanie, Apr 25, 4:06am
ouch that's a swear word! Nvidia only on this MB!

lostdude, Apr 25, 5:47am
Have you tried running the new Microsoft Flight on that hardware! Booting problem is most likely caused by bios.

Would a 1GB GTS 250 suffice!

nzoomed, Apr 25, 9:09am
I would have thought the video card should have worked properly, i updated the BIOS and everything, if you get it to start up, the next time you turn on the computer, it wont work. leaving the power off for some time and several attempts at powering the machine on eventually will make it start up.
The supplier told me that its common for PCIe 3.0 cards to do this on older machines, but i dont necessarily think this is true, i would have thought that it should be backwards compatible.

if you have a GTS 250, i may be keen to give it a go, although not as powerful as a GTX 275, 280 or 285

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