Laptop printer setup for a Senior first time user?

pandora10, Apr 25, 1:42am
My ma in Law is wishing to become connected, given that her deafness means that telephone conversations have become a cross between farce and frustration for all.

So is looking to ditch her typewriter and get with the Interweb for email and letter writing, plus browsing for whatever.

She is looking to spend up 1000 or possible more but perhaps no more than 1500.

I would help her get connected to an ISP ie talking on the phone.

Looking for something relatively simple, not top end but future proofed to some extent given that is use is going to be quite light.Browsing, word processing and email.

No previous experience by her.I am familiar with Win XP and lately MAC Os and will be her help desk.

Should she go straight to Win 8 and touch screen or would Win 7 be adequate for the next 5 years!

is 1500 a too tight fiscal envelope for a Win 8 laptop/printer touch screen!

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 1:45am
I'd tend to suggest an iPad and just not printing anything (printers can be extremely frustrating, and the screen on a modern 10" iPad is plenty good enough to read off)

pandora10, Apr 25, 2:14am
I think she will be wanting to print out her letters and send via the post:).Not sure if she is aware or wanting to know that attachments can be sent via email as yet.
She is definitely a letter writer in any case.Not sure how the Ipad would be set up for that!

suicidemonkey, Apr 25, 2:28am
A computer or laptop is best for a lot of typing in my opinion.

Find a basic Asus or Toshiba laptop with an Intel i5 CPU, 4-6GB of RAM, you should easily be able to stick to your budget.

If you like the Apple way of life, a Macbook Air would be a good option too. Although the base model will be at the upper end of your budget.

trad, Apr 25, 4:43am
The elderly woman next door had a laptop and found the screen and text size too small. I would recommend going for a pc. How about a good 2nd hand pc from one of the big traders on TM and an old laserjet printer! This is the setup I have. And yes, I am a senior citizen too :)

kew, Apr 25, 5:14am
I put together a Lenovo N300 (15") for my father in law and he is 82 and hadn't used a computer until several years ago.
I just changed the resolution so everything was big, plus only had 4 icons on his desktop: e.g. "Write a letter" - "Send an email" - "Bank" & "TradeMe" and he was absolutely stoked with it.I removed the battery and connected a mouse and a keyboard.The laptop cost me $300.00

mikep, Apr 25, 6:39am
My mum is in the 80's and find a PC easier to use than a tablet - fine motor control is an issue with elderly. She had two laptops which died (mainly because they were free or cheap) and is quite happy with a recycled desktop and a good LCD screen.

The main asset you need is LOTS of patience.

skin1235, Apr 25, 7:40am
a second hand computer from here for about $200, anew or newish screen for another $200
a new printer for about $150, broadband on say a 5gbplan

install xp, install a word processor at least, setup the printer and the modem when it arrives

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