Multiple monitor display - new video card?

ainuu, Apr 24, 5:52am
I have a HP Pavilion M8070a desktop and I have dual monitors. The video card is Nvidia GT520 Silent. Can anyone tell me how I get a 3rd monitor that I can extend my desktop on to. Do I need a NEW video card, or an additional one. Thanks.

_drdee_, Apr 24, 6:22am
If the mainboard supports multiple graphix cards (SLI or Crossfire capable) which is very very unlikely being an OEM mainboard. Your best and probably cheapest option would be one of the eyefinity graphics cards by AMD/ATI.

ainuu, Apr 24, 7:51am
thanks for that, i've read about the usb adaptors for multiple display, do you know any feedback on those!

ammoola, Apr 24, 12:06pm
I'm using one of these USB dongles for a second monitor, got it from overseas, it's OK if no complex graphics been shown on that monitor.

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