Printer out of paper - YEAH RIGHT!

carobobo, Apr 24, 6:32am
My HP Deskjet 3940 printer has out of paper error, have restarted, adjusted paper, looked at settings, what have I overlooked!Please help if you can. Cheers.

feespirit, Apr 24, 6:57am
Have you tried cleaning the rollers!

carobobo, Apr 24, 6:59am
Yes thanks, didn't help, the out of paper error keeps coming up.Hoping I don't need to buy a new printer.Any other ideas!

napierguy13, Apr 24, 8:14am
new printer time

gibler, Apr 24, 8:22am
load pc letter

lilyfield, Apr 24, 8:22am
Start from scratch- uninstall completely and reload. Fixed mine.

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