Recommend me a laptop for video and phot editing

guest, Dec 6, 8:19am
Any Recommendations here on trademe or what specifics I should be looking for 2k to spend

guest, Dec 6, 8:51am
To start with, you want 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Then I'd say you want dedicated rather than onboard graphics, otherwise it will be too slow.
Then you want a decently fast i5 CPU.
Then you probably want 8-16GB of RAM.
(I'd prefer a desktop for video editing).

guest, Dec 6, 8:59am
Hard drive space is the other consideration. You'll want a lot of it for storing video.

What NLE do you plan to use!

guest, Dec 6, 6:06pm
I'd suggest an SSD to speed up the current video editing task, and a USB3 port to connect fast secondary storage.

guest, Dec 6, 8:39pm
Every single photographer and videographer I know, edits with a Macbook Pro, and I know a lot of photographers.

guest, Dec 6, 9:01pm
Trouble is a new MBP will be a bit out of budget

For photo editing about the most important thing is screen quality - no good having a very fast laptop with a crummy TN display.

guest, Dec 6, 9:20pm
and lots use linux.

guest, Dec 6, 9:22pm
Barely anyone uses Linux in any desktop capacity

guest, Dec 6, 10:29pm
Im a professional videographer and use Windows. The only reason to use a Macbook is if you use Final Cut.

The whole "creative professionals use Macs" thing has no basis and is mostly down to Apple marketing.

Not to say they aren't great machines, they just don't do anything a Windows machine can't.

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