Blue Tooth Headphones for a Smart TV

guest, Dec 6, 10:43am
Just purchased a Samsung 32' Full HD Smart TV for my sons bedroom. We were told no headphones (with cables) could be run from these late model tvs anymore. After two trips back to Harvey Norman, we were sold some Panasonic RP-BTD5 Wireless headphones and were guaranteed these would work fine. Ummm I have done everything the guys in the shop had said, plus the instructions, but still the headphones are not being picked up by the Samsung TV. I am reading bits and pieces that say, these headphones will not work with this or any other tv - does anyone know about blue tooth headphones please!

guest, Dec 6, 6:09pm
Does the TV have a headphone jack! What's the model number!

guest, Dec 7, 6:22am
No the tv does not have a headphone jack - even though the first sales assistant thought it did - but it actually another 'output' .I will get back to you on the model - thanks for your reply too, very much appreciated.

guest, Dec 7, 7:50pm
As suicidemonkey suggested in the other thread you posted in, then it's unusual (but could be possible) for a TV to have bluetooth audio capability, so it's quite possible that you've been sold something which won't work as you'd expected.
If the TV does have bluetooth, then it's almost certain to have the bluetooth logo on it somewhere - looks like this guess is there won't be a logo because there won't be bluetooth.In that case - probably best to take those headphones back.
Even if there's no "headphone jack" it's very unlikely that the TV won't have audio out.If there's a socket that looks like a 3.5mm headphone socket but marked "audio", then that's analogue audio out but probably not a strong enough / wrong impedance signal to plug headphones in directly. If there's no audio out as described, there almost certainly will be optical audio out.One way or another wireless headphones will be able to be connected, but you need the correct set of headphones for the job,and perhaps with a separate optical to analogue converter (if there aren't any wireless headphones with optical audio input available) between the TV and wireless headphone transmitter if optical audio out from the TV is the only option.
Then you'll probably also need to go in to the TV menu to change the audio settings so that sound is played through the audio out and not the built-in speakers.

guest, Dec 7, 8:39pm
Astonishing that many recent TVs have neither a hp socket or audio out. We were caught out when we bought our Samsung a couple of years ago. I couldn't even find an optical out. Pored over both on the TV and the manual and figured I must overlooking something. I was. The smug salesman at HN where we bought the thing confirmed the lack of outs and that it was usual for low priced TVs. We did get it on sale but the model was over $600 elsewhere! Perhaps things have changed since then. The TV has proven to quite satisfactory otherwise, but I'd have considered the choice more carefully had I known its shortcomings.

guest, Dec 7, 8:53pm
What model is it!

guest, Dec 7, 9:34pm
I hear so much negative feedback about Harvey Norman. It seems that every time, the sales people just say whatever the customer wants to hear to make the sale. It's the downfall of a commission based system I suppose.

guest, Dec 19, 9:58am
Here is the model number: UA32J5500ASXNZ.

guest, Dec 19, 8:27pm
see the thread"The Warehouse Veon Tvs"after much toing and froing I got a set of wireless headphones from Jaycar, brand " Digitech"which work well enough on an optical connection[ and/or in fact on the head phone3.5mm socket ]

guest, Dec 19, 8:37pm
Yep, its as if the techie designers thought the ol red and white plugs, or even the 3.5 jack was just far toooo simple eh and had to find a way to completely obscure any possible utility to the av punter.

guest, Dec 19, 8:41pm
We buy just about everything from them but as in any retail chain, staffing is a variable.If they mislead you to get a sale, you are perfectly entitled to return the goods.

The usual problem is that with all modern technology, you only find out the pitfalls once you start using it!It also applies to just about all software.You can't often ask the right questions before sale.

Even if a salesperson knows EVERYTHING about a modern product, chances are your head will be spinning well before he/she has explained all the bells and whistles.

guest, Dec 20, 12:05am
TV supports bluetooth.

So you followed the instructions in manual (Menu/Sound/Speaker settings/Bluetooth Headphones)!

Do the headphones pair with a bluetooth capable phone ot tablet!

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