Brother MFC 685CW printer Wireless not printing

guest, Dec 19, 8:43pm
Brother MFC 685CW printer wireless not printing, When I try to print a document I am told the printer is offline but when I check, it is the default printer and there is no tick in printer offline. When I check in device and printers the status shows Offline. How do I fix this. I had this problem a few years ago and cannot remember how I fixed it. I am running Windows 10 and have printed documents but this has just started. Thanks

guest, Dec 19, 9:40pm
if it's anything like my mfc665cw it seems to drop the wireless connection from time to time.Usually unplugging the power and plugging back in works for me.

guest, Dec 19, 9:48pm
Best to set it to a fixed IP address. (in the network settings on the printer)

guest, Dec 20, 12:14am
King1 yes in the past I have tried to print something then later on it decides to print it out. Very frustrating. Have unplugged printer and powered off but still with the problem. Gsimpson will have a look at that. Just need to find my IP address. Thanks to you both

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